Principal Asks Department Of Education For A Full Student

Now sleepless nights of students and parents before class X exams are not needed. Students will enjoy the studies with semesters for continuous testing of the development of students.

But drop out rates are increasing dramatically across the nation, not just in North carolina. With up to 75% of students dropping out in some of our large, urban areas, that converts to 3 out of four students with no diploma and no skills. Even worse, far too many students who do graduate, cannot read or compute math adequately.

I pose this question not only to building administrators, but, administrators at the district and state level. If teachers are truly doing all they can, why does it seem like schools are failing? What will you do to make sure our children, our teachers, and our schools succeed?

This is not something new – the achievement gap is perhaps the most compelling reason for education reform. But it hels to put specific faces on the problem. Would Sotomayor be where she is today if her mother kept her in Bronx public schools?

I am fortunate. I reap what my brave, financially-solvent, well-educated, intellect-valuing parents planted. Others are less fortunate; harvesting instead the anemic crops of poverty, ignorance, and intellectual starvation. The roots of both crops grow deeper with each passing generation.

Jennifer Medina of the new York Times has recently reported on REACH program that offers students up to 00 for passing an AP exam. The results are generally positive, even though uneven. There are more and more cash incentive programs around the country; from New york city to my own home town of Greeley, Colorado (funded by local philanthropists Bob and Betty Tointon). I really think this is the most promising approach to reforming our education – maybe because I spent several years researching the issue and writing a book about it?

I hear anti-smoking advocates are getting ready to re-introduce another total smoking ban ordinance here in Indianapolis. I also hear that because of Smoke Free Indy’s shenanigans last session a number of lawmakers are looking at drafting pre-emption language which would prohibit locals from banning smoking in tobacco shops, private clubs and cigar bars. So if something does happen this year or next year, there’s a good chance it will be short-lived.