Education Is Not Keeping Pace With Future Needs

Another way to appreciate teachers is by staying involved through the last weeks of the legislative session.Be aware of what is going on and speak out to shape public policy. So what are legislators up to this week? Let’s take a look.

B. On-site interviews must be conducted by a panel of administrators and teachers with a wide-range of questions and situations that the applicant must be able to answer satisfactorily. No one should be hired simply because a reference person says that the applicant is ‘good.’ People normally give references who will give favorable comments.

Our problem in education is not state, federal, school or district problem. The problem is an adult and grownup problem. We must take our neighborhoods back and start being an active member of the community. Our young people are out of control. Where are the parents of these young people? They should be held accountable for the actions of their children.

And while Mother’s Day is typically a day for you to be showered with gifts, it’s also the perfect chance to remember the greatest gift of all – reading aloud to your child.

Michael Steele, the chair for the RNC had some great words over the weekend, I like him so much more when he is himself and not this psuedo cool hip dude.

IPS Superintendent Eugene White is the gift that keeps on giving. He penned a letter criticizing David Harris of the Mind Trust because of Harris’ position on education reform. Just a couple years back, White was praising Harris and the mind Trust for their efforts. What a difference calls for accountability can make.

J.C.: We’re all busy these days, but if it’s important to you, I think there is always a way to find time to read to your child. In my house, we don’t wait for bedtime. We sometimes walk to the library in town and pick out books. We’ll read them when we get home. It’s great cuddle time! Often, my daughter comes to me with a book and asks me to read to her. She knows I will — anytime.

The distribution of IQ scores provides some insight into this phenomenon. By definition, the distribution of IQ makes a nice bell curve centered over 100. However, the distribution of economic status within this bell curve is far from random.