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Specifically, these hard working youngsters averaged a score of 1636 out of a maximum point total of 2400. White children averaged 1580. Black students scored below every other category of human youth at 1277. The absolute lowest. The national average for all of humanity in 2010 was 1509. I was particularly disturbed to learn that our Hispanic brothers and sisters, many who began school struggling with a new language did better than African-Americans. Mexican-Americans tallied an average of 1369, and Puerto Ricans came in at 1349. BTW, if you are from Puerto Rico, your biological ancestry is partially African, the Obama part I guess.Learn some basic things with your kids about your local natural world. Discover where the creeks, wild areas and parks are in your neighborhood. Identify a few common local trees, birds, butterflies, and critters. Observe natural processes like erosion, why some plants and animals live and die, how living things interact with their environment, and weather patterns. Apply this learning to real-world classroom concepts.