Charter School 101: How Are Charter Schools Funded?

Meanwhile, students in countries around the globe are being trained and educated to understand that success in the future will be based on who has the best skills. Why are we not teaching our children to prepare for global competition?

Second, we need to challenge them on their issues — specifically the unsustainable public sector payroll, pensions, and perks. We can compete on these issues. Democratic policies have chased both union and non-union jobs out of this state for decades. Republicans need to let private sector union workers know that their public sector allies are directly responsible for chasing trade union jobs out of Illinois.

Since knowledge is increasing at such incredible rate, being able to just as fluidly adapt what and how we teach is invaluable. Otherwise education reform will never gain enough momentum to remain current, because the current is constantly changing. Perhaps this reason alone is what has gotten our national education into the pickle it currently finds itself in. Once we stop moving forward, the world passes us by. If we don’t start moving now, when most of the industrial countries have left us in their tracks, will we be able to catch up at all?

How do these kids fare in school? How many of them have book or terrariums at home? Or music lessons? Or trips to zoos and museums? What will their parents teach them about the nature of public school, or the integrity of their teachers? What will they, in turn, teach their own kids years from now?

B. On-site interviews must be conducted by a panel of administrators and teachers with a wide-range of questions and situations that the applicant must be able to answer satisfactorily. No one should be hired simply because a reference person says that the applicant is ‘good.’ People normally give references who will give favorable comments.

I’m not going to spend time defending Obama specifically. There are arguments to be made on many sides, and the truth is convoluted. We honestly can’t tell just where his “true” politics lie because he hasn’t had an opportunity to work with a Congress that would. you know. compromise. On anything. Ever. Obama hasn’t been engaged in politics. He’s been placating a Republican House that resembles kindergarteners playing “duck, duck, goose.” I’m not going to spend time defending the Democrats, either, and there’s one simple reason. You, gentle progressive reader, have permitted the Christian Right to destroy the party. This awful situation in America is your fault. Yes. I’m talking to you. Yeah. you.

The last obstacle was unity. The Democrats have it, we don’t. They put aside petty differences and fully support the ticket from top to bottom. There are too many “leaders” in the Republican party who fail to do that. No platform candidate should have to fight both Democrats and a good portion of the Republican party.