Education Reform And The Economy

Many of the students who do graduate don’t have adequate reading, math or daily living skills to be successful. What then, can we expect of students who leave BEFORE graduation, for whatever reason? And it’s not just big cities with notorious crime rates and a large pool of underprivileged children who are at risk. No, the problem is so widespread that no area is immune to these decling standards and graduation rates.

It may not solve your financial situation immediately, but it will help you network with other parents, with teachers, and with administrators. You will find friends and perhaps contacts that will be useful. As a bonus, you will find a sense of accomplishment for having helped children and for doing your part in education reform. If you have your own children in school, it will help boost their confidence knowing the importance you place on education. And, for you? You will stop thinking about your own situation, at least for the duration of the school day, and knowing you have accomplished something – an antidote to feeling useless.

We need to wake up as a nation and realize that our future is in jeopardy. Poor education results are a matter of national security, not just family pride.

“At this time, the student Code of Conduct does not take into consideration a child’s age in a Level three offense,” read the statement from the Christina School District in Newark, Delaware.

There is overwhelming evidence that paying people to do something actually works. Just look at your own paycheck and reflect on it. Is working for pay dampening your curiosity? Your love of learning? Is it the paycheck that makes you dislike parts of your job? Would doing the same thing for free make you more motivated?

So why does George Caruolo want to slow the pace of reform measures that will systemically improve the chances that all kids are taught by great teachers?

Whatever the lesson was supposed to be that day, the little boy learned something he won’t soon forget. He learned that creativity and individuality had no place in that particular classroom. From this point on, he would resign himself to doing, saying, and trying to be just like the other kids in his classroom.

Speaking of races, I tried to get some more details on Club for Growth’s poll numbers involving Lugar and Richard Mourdock and got nothing. The guy who answered the phone was a bit of jerk. Their poll showed a 2-point difference between the two. Lugar’s poll showed him under 50%, but with a double-digit lead. Not spectacular, but I got a lot more info from them, than Club for Growth.